bikes have been, are, and will be a way of life in shanghai. (shanghai, china)

where there are bikes, there is probably life. (shanghai, china)

the bare essentials to living. (shanghai, china)

as resilient as the residents to relocate from demolition. (shanghai, china)

by day, they are the three musketeers once again.  (shanghai, china)

morning before work. (shanghai, china)

bikes as usual, even for the newly wed. (shanghai, china)

please fix the most important thing of my life now. (shanghai, china)

this broke again after yesterday. (shanghai, china)

nothing has changed for me these years. (shanghai, china)

an adorable home indeed. (shanghai, china)

haircuts are as simple as getting off one’s bike. (shanghai, china)

life has changed since, but one still bikes the same. (shanghai, china)

we simply have to share the streets. (shanghai, china)

it’s fine. I can just wait. (shanghai, china)

here, we have our Hutong moments too. (shanghai, china)

my Sunday biking boulevard. (shanghai, china)

anything goes. (shanghai, china)

as long as it fits. (shanghai, china)

tomorrow is another work as usual for me. (shanghai, china)

tradition lives in new life. (shanghai, china)

it will take anything. (shanghai, china)

high heels, folding bike, ice cream, street vendors on bikes, this is shanghai. (shanghai, china)

the old stuffs are on this rack. (shanghai, china)

made in china or the imported? (shanghai, china)

back to the spirit when the first bike was made. (shanghai, china)

and here we go for our first alley cat. (shanghai, china)